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Particuolougy Williams, RA, Jia, X, Ikin, P, Knight, D. Use of multiscale particle simulations in the design of nuclear plant decommissioning. Particuology (August 2011), 9 (4), pg. 358-364 PDF
Packing M. Gan, N. Gopinathan, X. Jia and R.A. Williams (2004) - Predicting Packing Characteristics of Particles of Arbitrary Shapes, KONA No 22 (2004). PDF
Packing X. Jia, R. Caulkin, R.A. Williams, Z.Y. Zhou, A.B. Yu (2010) - The role of geometric constraints in random packing of non-spherical particles. EPL, 92, 68005 PDF
Packing Jess C. Sweley, Devin J. Rose, Xiaodong Jia, Richard A. Williams, David S. Jackson (2014) Effect of flake shape on packing characteristics of popped popcorn. Journal of Food Engineering, 127: 75-79. PDF
Mineral X. Jia and R.A. Williams (2007) - Digital visual simulation for design of mineral and metal recycling processes and of secondary products, Minerals Engineering 20 (2007) 933-938 PDF
Dewatering X. Jia*, R.A. Williams*, and C. Selomulya (2008) - Three-dimensional measurement and simulation of the dewatering behaviour of flocs and sediments using X-ray Microtomography, The Journal of The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy VOLUME 108 AUGUST 2008. PDF
Algorithm Jia X and Williams RA (2001) A packing algorithm for particles of arbitrary shapes, Powder Technology, 120: 175-186. PDF
Thermal Jia X, Gopinathan N and Williams RA (2002) Modeling complex packing structures and their thermal properties, Advanced Powder Technology, 13: 55-71. PDF
Permeability Selomulya C, Tran TM, Jia X, Williams RA (2006) An integrated methodology to evaluate permeability from measured microstructures, AIChE Journal, 52(10): 3394-3400. PDF
Permeability R. Caulkin, X. Jia, M. Fairweather, R.A.Williams (2011) - Porosity and Fluid Distribution through Non-spherical Packed Columns, AICHE. 58, 1503-1512 PDF
Permeability R. Caulkin, M. Islam, X. Jia, M. Fairweather, (2014) - Studies for the development of a virtual permeameter. Comp. & Chem. Eng. 68, 190-202 PDF
Permeability M. Menon, X. Jia, G.J. Lair, P.H. Faraj, A. Blaud (2015) Analysing the impact of compaction of soil aggregates using X-ray microtomography and water flow simulations. Soil & Tillage Research, 150: 147-157. PDF
Validation Jia X, Gan M, Williams RA, Rhodes D (2007) Validation of a Digital Packing Algorithm in Predicting Powder Packing Densities, Powder Technology, 174:10-13. PDF
Dissolution Jia X and Williams RA (2006) From microstructures of tablets and granules to their dissolution behaviors. Dissolution Technologies, 13(2):11-19. PDF
Packed columns Caulkin R, Jia X, Fairweather M and Williams RA (2006) An Investigation of Catalyst Packed Columns Using DigiPac. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 30:1178-1188. PDF
Packed columns R. Caulkin, A. Ahmad, M. Fairweather, X. Jia, R.A.Williams (2009) - Digital predictions of complex cylinder packed columns. Comp. & Chem. Eng. 33, 10-21 PDF
Packed columns R. Caulkin, X. Jia, C. Xu, M. Fairweather, R.A. Williams, H. Stitt, M. Nijemeisland, S. Aferka, M. Crine, A. Leacuteonard, D. Toye and P. Marchot (2009) - Simulations of Structures in Packed Columns and Validation by X-ray Tomography. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 48, 202-213 PDF
Segregation Jia X, Caulkin R, Fairweather M, and Williams RA (2007) A Novel Approach To Predicting The Behaviour Of Arbitrary Particlulate Mixtures Under Vibration, 17th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, ESCAPE17, 27-30 May 2007, Bucharest, JW Marriott Conference Centre. PDF
Segregation R. Caulkin, X. Jia, M. Fairweather, R.A. Williams (2010) - Geometric aspects of particle Segregation. Phys. Rev. E 81, 051302 PDF
DEM Xu C, Jia X, Williams RA, Stitt EH,, Nijemeisland M, El-Bachir S, Sederman AJ, Gladden LF (2006) Property predictions for packed columns using random and distinct element digital packing algorithms, The 5th World Congress on particle Technology, Florida, April 2006. PDF


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