Structure Visionís NuDoseTM software adds dose uptake and gamma flux simulation to the cutting, packing and scheduling capabilities of the NuPlantTM nuclear decommissioning software tool.

NuDoseTM extends the capabilities of the NuPlantTM software by calculating dose uptake or gamma flux from radioactive sources. It uses a voxel based Monte-Carlo method to compute photon tracks through objects defined in the NuPlantTM environment. These can be Nuclear facilities, containers packed with radioactive waste, or user defined objects and shields.

NuDoseTM has been validated against other commonly used Monte-Carlo radiation transport codes. It contains a comprehensive library of nuclear data, including photon cross sections and isotope decay modes, for common materials and the ability to quickly add new material data.

NuDoseTM can be used to:
NuDoseTM is aimed at decommissioning engineers, health physicists, waste managers and radiological engineers. It is available as part of the NuPlantTM application suite.




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